Running a Business – Out of Business?

After I published last week’s post I sent a link to Amazon in case they would be interested in looking into people who are making a good living misrepresenting Amazon’s good name to gullible suckers like me. If they gave a hoot, they’ve kept it a secret from me but, if that situation changes, I’ll keep you posted. Continue reading

Running a Business Online…“From the Mouth of Mike…”

Mike was the personification of a sales trainer’s “Dream student.” He had the most professional presentation of everything I have ever taught about all the elements of sales, marketing and management. His technique for the critical skill of “overcoming objections” was infinitely smoother than anything I ever saw used in any of my classroom role-plays. Continue reading

Running a Business Online – More Dollars Than Sense?

This is a lesson in “Red Flags” – those little hints we get when we are about to be conned which, when we ignore them, often costs us a pile of money. Running a business online takes dollars, to be sure, but good sense may be even more important.

Continue reading

“The Moth and the Flame” or, “Any of Us Can Get Burned…”

last week I promised, “… In the next few posts I’ll be giving you some of the particulars…” of my latest escapades with the snake-oil salesmen I have encountered lately. With not just a little egg on my face, here’s the sad tale of how my latest goof-ups got started: Continue reading

The “Keepers” I Think You Can Use in Running a Business

I’ve encountered so many hucksters in the past ten years I even once considered publishing a directory of”snake-oil salesmen” but I suspect that before I got halfway through it most of them would have already taken their victims’ money and run. Continue reading

Building Your Business on a Budget of $500?

In the early posts last year I warned you to beware the super salesmen and the plethora of “gurus” who would be bombarding you with worthless get-rich-quick offers. That warning still applies, but I will happily share with you the “keepers” I’ve harvested from that group, and leave it to you to decide if you value them as I do. Continue reading